July 14, 2020

 7 Sustainable Gift Ideas to Nurture Australia’s Environment


Sustainability is the best gift you can give.

Something that says I care about you and the environment is more thoughtful than an unwanted gift that could end up in landfill. In 2018, 10 million unwanted Christmas presents were discarded. Pamper products, socks, single-use, candles and wrapping paper are just some of the culprits that contribute to Australia’s waste problem.

Sustainable gift ideas support environmental protection. Instead of depleting the earth’s resources, they’re ethically sourced and made from sustainable, reusable, repurposed or recycled materials to contribute to zero-waste living.

More stuff contributes to more waste. But when you buy less and choose well, you leave a smaller carbon footprint behind. You give a gift that changes lives for the better. All whilst putting a smile on your loved one’s face.

Here are our top picks for sustainable gift ideas in Australia.

Pod Star Re-susable coffee capsules

1. Barista Reusable Coffee Capsule Pack

Billions of coffee pods end up in landfill each year.

If you know a coffee drinker who loves their pod machine, give them the gift of eco-friendly coffee. You might be able to convert the takeaway coffee lover to pods too! This Barista-style pack includes reusable coffee capsules so they’re not sending any waste to landfill when they drink a cuppa. 

Top Features: 
• Made from the highest grade stainless steel
• Includes two reusable pods for Esspressetoria machines, hand grinder, coffee scoop and 200g of freshly roasted FairTrade coffee
• Allows you to use and drink your favourite coffee (recommended grind)
• Free shipping
• Comes with compostable packaging 

Plastic free care package

2. Plastic-Free Care Package

A package perfect for the zero-waste beginner.

Seed and Sprout’s gift bundle ticks all the boxes for anyone starting a plastic-free journey or who are interested in sustainability but don’t know where to start. They’re the one-stop-shop for plastic-free home products.

Top Features: 
• Includes plastic-free lifestyle essentials like bamboo and cotton makeup pads, three compostable facial loofahs, wooden hairbrush, bamboo toothbrush, white konjac sponge, rose gold tongue scraper and other bathroom treats
• Helps your friend or loved one have a low-waste bathroom
• High-quality and beautifully designed 

Coffee scrub bar

3. Repurposed Coffee Scrub Bar

Another one for the coffee-lover in your life.

Scrub bars made from recycled coffee grounds make a great sustainable gift idea in Australia. Instead of sending leftover coffee grounds to landfill, they’re collected from local cafes and turned into body scrubs that smell and feel delicious. 

Top Features: 
• Two flavours to choose from, orange and peppermint
• Made into solid bars, which leaves less waste
• 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free and don’t contain any nasty ingredients
• Travel tins also available  

colour pots with plants

4. Colour Pots with Plants

Add some colour to your friend’s life with Colour Pots.

These pots are a vibrant version of traditional terracotta, hand painted by a Perth artist. Simple, functional and visually appealing to give your indoor greenery a colourful home.

Next, add a pretty plant to top the gift off. Nothing says sustainability like greenery; plants clean the air, create oxygen, stimulate productivity and look good in the home or office. Choose a small herb plant, succulent or a vine that can be easily propagated for a gift that keeps on giving? Suitable houseplants to propagate are jade, pothos, snake plants, spider plants, aloe vera, donkey’s tail, echeveria and zebra plants. Or, if you think they’d prefer to grow their own, buy seeds instead

Top Features: 
• Can be custom designed to match the personality of your friend or loved one
• Available in three different sizes
• Great to give on its own or with a plant  

Zero Waste Picnic Set

5. Zero-Waste Picnic Set

Looking for a gift for someone who likes to get close with nature?

Outdoor experiences clear the mind and reset the soul. Choose a picnic set that avoids all disposables and enjoy dining in the great outdoors. We liked the zero-waste backyard picnic hamper and the picnic backpack for the adventurer type.

Not sure where to start? Get inspired with these tips on waste-free outdoor entertaining.

Top Features: 
• No single-use products
• Backyard hamper includes the beeswax wraps, one of our favourite eco-friendly products to use at home
• Basket folds into a backpack for convenience   

6. Eco-Inspiring Books

Sometimes all you need is a good book to unwind with.

Books are a failsafe present for avid readers. If they admire education or want practical tips on how to live more sustainably, try these reads.

Simply Living Well - Julia Watkins
Eating for Pleasure, People and Planet - Tom Hunt
Sustainability; A History - Jeremy L. Caradonna
A Family Guide to Waste-Free Living - Lauren Carter, Oberon Carter
The Urban Farmer - Justin Calverley, CERES
Practical Self Sufficiency - Dick Strawbridge, James Strawbridge
Growing Food the Italian Way - Fabian Capomolla
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate - Naomi Klein 

Zero-Waste Retractable Straw

7. Zero-Waste Retractable Straw

For your low-impact loved ones who are always on the go.

Swap single-use straws with a retractable stainless steel version. This straw attaches to your keys or handbag so it’s with you when you need it most. 

Top Features: 
• Extends to 23cm for easy, waste-free drinking
• Comes with a carry case in rose gold or silver, retractable cleaning metal wire and an aluminium clip for attaching  

Love these sustainable gift ideas in Australia? Let us know in the comments below! Follow our blog for more green-tips.

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